We bring powerful and feature-rich sports betting website development solutions for the millennial generation by leveraging our technical skills and battle-tested development approach. Hire a sports betting website developer today from the best sports betting website & app development company to help you lay a strong foundation for future growth.

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Our sports betting development experts aim to provide our clients with the platform/ application that can cope with higher volume and scale easily. Our team smart looking sports betting applications that users will love globally. The whole platform and UI are designed in accordance to provide the user with the best experience.

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Types of Sports Betting App Development Solutions

Sports Betting Team Management App

Our platform provides a seamless and smoother user interface to manage your bets on various teams collectively at a single time, rather than being bound to bet on a single match at a time.


Sports Club Management App

One can get customized access to the club management portal through our services. With an improvised Interface and preferential event control, it becomes easier for the user to get the most out of their bets.


Sports Training Management App

If you are a coach of a team and wish to have an interactive training management app, iGuru has the best inhouse team for it. Coaches of various sports can use this app to help co-ordinate their engagements with their team members.


Sports League Management App

The League management app is designed to allow capture teams, set schedules, price pools, capture results and to declare winners of the league. Points table, statistics, results, and player information are all at the user’s fingertip. Our developers have knowledge of the leagues and can work with you to develop, friendly, modern and interactive app.


Betting App Panels With Features

We have worked for years on development, resulting in an improvised UI model optimised regularly and configured to be helpful even for first-time players. The Interface of the sports betting development company is exquisite and simple for a better user experience.


Blockchain-Based Betting Apps

Leveraging blockchain technology for transparency, security, and decentralization. These apps ensure fair betting practices and secure transactions. Experience the future of betting with our blockchain-based app. Enjoy unparalleled security, transparency, and fairness in every bet.


Top Class Sports Betting Games In Betting Apps

Football Betting App

Football is the #1 Fan-Favorite Sport in the whole world. Now you have a chance to start the development of the Football Betting App. You can target millions of people who have a passion for football betting and want to support their favorite team. Football betting app development opens the door for your business to focus on this avid fan base. Hire an expert developer today.

Cricket Betting App

Cricket is the most popular and loved sport among all the generations of people of India, Australia, UK, South Africa and other countries. There are many local cricket leagues and popularity has recently skyrocketed. Just as the popularity of cricket is rising, give a raise to your business by developing a Cricket Betting app. Hire a cricket betting developer today. Hire a cricket betting developer today.

Baseball Betting App

Baseball is the most popular sport in the United States. Our core developers have years of experience producing well-made and influencing algorithms. Multiple real-time features will be included in the add-ons which will help your business achieve the mark of greater revenues.

Horse Racing Betting App

Horse racing has been and is still one of the most iconic sports in the world. With a real-time score update and betting feature, it is now possible to enjoy this sport from anywhere. The biggest and greatest bets are placed on horse racing, and your business can have the ability to grow big.

UFC Betting App

The largest sport under MMA Category, UFC is amongst the most profitable sports in the modern era. Our developers work on embedding all the statistics of the players regarding their special attacks, and a championship wins feature allows the user to see how many rounds are completed with the winning fighter.

Boxing Betting App

Boxing is amongst the fastest-growing sports across the globe, with an increasing number of fans every year. Boxing tournaments are held very often, increasing the opportunities to grow your business. Our development team offers high-customized data input, which gives an application a User-friendly look.

Hockey Betting App

With our advanced hockey betting platform, you can attract a massive number of users and grow your business exponentially. Our team has in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the hockey betting market.

Tennis Betting Game

Tennis is wildly popular among bettors around the world. Tennis matches are played almost every day. We are offering productive and cost-effective tennis betting software. We build a robust app that will be user-friendly and highly functional. Hire our Tennis betting app developer and start growing your business.

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The SportsBettingSoft team behind the project was professional, responsive, and dedicated to delivering a high-quality loyalty app. In a short time, the team understood my business needs and used their expertise to build an application that exceeded my expectations.

Nico Jansen


I think very highly of the SportsBettingSoft team and would recommend them without reservation. The team re-architected our 6 football club loyalty applications into a single code repository with multiple build targets. It led to a change once, building many model.

Eagle Bet

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    Sports Betting FAQ’s

    Betting Applications provide a better experience when it comes to optimization, configuration, and updates. Moreover, it gives the users flexibility and mobility as they can bet on the go, as phones are portable to any place.

    Based on fans and predictability, football, basketball, and cricket are currently the best sports one can place their bets. Hence, it is ideal for developing a platform that allows users to bet on football.

    The total revenue of sports betting platforms is estimated at around $62 billion globally by the end of 2021. It is estimated to rise by 83% in the next 5 years.

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