Custom sportsbook web development

Advance features that make us unique in sports
betting web development.

Accurate Odds

Our platform delivers meticulously calculated probabilities for various outcomes, helping users make well-informed decisions in betting, gaming, and beyond

Best User Experience

Seamlessly navigate our intuitive interface, enjoy lightning-fast performance, and revel in unparalleled convenience. Elevate your gaming journey with a flawless blend of innovation and user-centric design

Speedy Delivery

Experience with our efficient infrastructure and streamlined processes, enjoy seamless gaming experiences delivered at warp speed, every time you play.

Certified Developers

Our team of expert developers boasts industry-leading certifications, ensuring the highest standards of excellence in game design, functionality, and security.

Data Privacy

We employ industry-leading encryption and strict privacy protocols to ensure your personal information remains confidential and secure. Prioritize your privacy while you enjoy an immersive and worry-free gaming experience.

Safety & Security

We implement state-of-the-art security measures and adhere to stringent safety protocols to protect your information and ensure fair play. Play confidently knowing that your safety is our top priority.

Sports Betting App Development
Cost Estimation


One of the key determinants affecting development costs is that iOS application development tends to be more expensive compared to Android app development. Opting for hybrid app development can be a more cost-effective solution.

Tech stack

Creating a cutting-edge sports betting app demands the latest tools and technologies, necessitating a significant financial commitment, as the tech stack is a major component of mobile app development.

ui/ux components

These vital elements are pivotal for engaging customers with the app, as user interaction heavily relies on them. Part of the cost is allocated to their improvement, empowering the app's functionality.


Creating online sports betting apps is intricate, demanding programming efforts and essential development tools, with their associated costs factored into the overall project budget.


Initially, the sports betting software can manage with limited storage capacity, but as the user base grows, flexible data storage or a database becomes necessary.

Thirds Party api’s

Third-party APIs enhance app functionality and user experience. Some are free, while others incur costs, which will be included when integrated into the app.

Sports betting App

Native app

Enjoy seamless access to a wide range of sporting events, real-time odds updates, and intuitive betting features.

User- friendly interface

Discover easy access to games, simple account management, and streamlined features, all designed to enhance your gaming journey.

Advanced sportsbook solutions

From real-time updates to customizable betting options, our advanced solutions empower you to stay ahead in the game

Push Notification

Get real-time updates on promotions, live events, and exclusive offers sent directly to your device. With push notifications, you’ll never miss out on exciting opportunities to elevate your gaming experience.


Sportsbook Software Solutions for
Sports Betting Operators

Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Case Study Edition

Payment Gateways of your choice

Empower your gaming experience with flexible payment options through our Payment Gateways of your choice. We understand the importance of convenient and secure transactions, which is why we offer a variety of payment methods to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, or cryptocurrency, our platform supports a range of payment gateways to ensure hassle-free deposits and withdrawals.

Agent & Affiliate System

Designed specifically for operators, our system empowers you to expand your business network, increase revenue, and boost customer engagement. With advanced tracking tools, customizable commission structures, and detailed analytics, you can efficiently manage your affiliate program and maximize your ROI. Our user-friendly platform provides operators with the tools and support needed to recruit, track, and incentivize affiliates effectively. Join forces with us to unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the competitive sports betting industry.

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Highly scalable, secure and fully managed platform

Experience reliability and performance with our highly scalable, secure, and fully managed platform. Designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic gaming landscape, our platform offers unparalleled scalability to support your growth trajectory

Scale your business

Empower your iGaming venture with our scalable platform, offering unparalleled flexibility and growth potential

Secure Gaming

Safeguard your iGaming business with our secure platform, ensuring the protection of player data and transactions

Managed services

Experience peace of mind with our fully managed iGaming platform, where we handle everything from infrastructure to maintenance, so you can focus on growing your business

Ready to elevate your sportsbook platform?

Transform your sportsbook platform into a top-tier betting experience with our expert development services.

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The SportsBettingSoft team behind the project was professional, responsive, and dedicated to delivering a high-quality loyalty app. In a short time, the team understood my business needs and used their expertise to build an application that exceeded my expectations.

Nico Jansen


I think very highly of the SportsBettingSoft team and would recommend them without reservation. The team re-architected our 6 football club loyalty applications into a single code repository with multiple build targets. It led to a change once, building many model.

Eagle Bet

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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, you can go with white label sportsbook solutions, because it is a ready-made solution and it requires a lesser budget and shorten time.

    Betting Applications provide a better experience when it comes to optimization, configuration, and updates. Moreover, it gives the users flexibility and mobility as they can bet on the go, as phones are portable to any place.

    Based on fans and predictability, football, basketball, and cricket are currently the best sports one can place their bets. Hence, it is ideal for developing a platform that allows users to bet on football.