Retail sportsbook development

Looking for Retail betting solutions for your shop?

Our application solution for retail betting management, Offers a comprehensive range of features. These include localization services, ensuring relevance to specific regions, robust security measures to safeguard data, operational insights for effective management, meticulous cash tracking reporting, intuitive dashboards for quick access to key information, seamless execution of quick bets, and the ability to print fixtures and results.

Enhance your land-based retail operation with our comprehensive suite of features designed for betting outlets:

Cashier Software System

Many sports betting enthusiasts still cherish the tradition of visiting bookmakers to place their bets. In these instances, our sportsbook and Gaming Platform back-office tools serve as reliable aids, enabling seamless management of retail operations.

These tools allow for real-time monitoring of performance, bet placements, and financial activities, ensuring the efficient operation of your betting establishment. Cashiers can place bets for players, track their money wallet in real time, and redeem winning bet tickets.

Agent software system

Allows the betting shop agents to register players and carry out financial transactions to the registered player accounts (deposits/withdrawals) on behalf of the players. Players are able to log in with their own credentials and live the full betting experience by using computer devices in the betting shop.

Key Features


Business Hierarchy Configuration

Organize your business with a multi-level role-based access system. Assign roles such as owner, partner, super agent, agent, cashier, and user with specific permissions and access levels.


Financial Transaction Management

Perform and track financial transactions effortlessly. Transfer money between accounts and maintain accurate financial records.


Comprehensive Reporting Tool

Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive reporting tool. Access sportsbook, casino, and financial transaction reports to make informed decisions.


Fast Codes Functionality

Speed up the betting process with fast codes. Cashiers can quickly place bets using event and market codes, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Bet Reservation

Allow players to prepare their bets in advance with our bet reservation feature. Players can create their bet slip (shortcode or printed barcode ticket) before finalizing their bets with the cashier, streamlining the betting process.


Player creation

Attract new players with a quick and easy signup process. Our software streamlines player registration, allowing them to start betting in no time.


Cashier Reports

Monitor all player transactions with comprehensive cashier reports. Get detailed insights into deposits, withdrawals, wagers, and payouts, all in real-time.


Multi-bets Solution

Elevate your players' betting experience with our multi-bet bonuses, enhancing their odds and providing lucrative opportunities for partners to increase revenue.

Experience a Wide Variety of Sports:

Our sports betting software is designed to be highly scalable, catering to the diverse preferences of our customers. In retail betting, users can enjoy a vast selection of sports, ensuring an engaging and dynamic betting experience. With online retail sports betting, accessing multiple sports on a single platform has always been challenging. This streamlined process facilitates the seamless management of your bet shop, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction for both operators and players alike.